The Guitar Studio of Grady Sloan

Suzuki Group Class takes the music that you already know and put it to further use emphasizing new approaches and detail completion. Students are motivated by hearing there peers play well. They see that they are not the only ones who struggle with aspects of their playing. Excellence is contagious. Your students will see that, even the simplest song, played well by one group member, sets precedence for future excellence for all members.The fun and beauty of playing music together is indispensable in motivating your student over the long haul. Playing your songs as a group will help you:

  1. Iron out flaws in a song you might not have realized were there.
  2. Learn to maintain a variety of tempos.
  3. Improve your rhythmic skills.
  4. Learn to laugh at meaningless mistakes and problem-solve real mistakes.
  5. Appreciate the effort and accomplishment of others.